DSLR-Video for Lunar Photography



I recently got a newer DSLR, a Pentax K-5, in supplement to my trusty K200D, (now past 50.000 actuations).


I did not make my choice based upon the camera's option to record video, but now that I got that as well, I thought I should see, if I could get any use of it.


Further, there a still many who refuse to believe that atmospheric 'seeing' conditions may be the cause of their less than sharp lunar photographs.


So, on a windy January evening with some thin clouds and haze, freezing temperatures and lots of rising hot air from roofs and chimneys i dragged out my little 90 mm f/10 scope with 2.5X Barlow Lens, my equatorial mount and my brand new K-5 to make a few minutes of movie - 1280 x 720 pixels at 25 frames per second - from the balcony.


Extracting a smaller bit of video with some 600 frames (579 to be exact) it is easy to demonstrate the effect of seeing. Within 10-20 frames I found


Some good (click on images to see larger versions):



Some so-so:



And some definitely horrible:



And, as said, all on a system untouched by human hand and yet constant changes in quality within less than a second. Mission completed.


But now I had those 579 video frames, so why not take it one step further and see, what Registax would say about these:



Indeed, Registax' automatic "quality control" finds 421 frames useable and here is the final result:



Not too bad on a miserable (astrophoto-wise) evening. Next time I shall try Full HD!






Copyright 2012 - Steen G. Bruun