Star Factory

There is a star factory out there in Space. Well, in fact there are many but this one lies close to us in our cosmic back yard - just a bit more than 1300 light years away. Here, out of a gigantic cloud of dust and gas,  stars have been produced and are being produced to this very day over the last 30 million years or so.

And these young, hot stars make the surrounding dust and gas glow in blue-violet, greenish and red colours. With the naked eye you will se this nebula, the Great Orion Nebula - M42, as a fuzzy "star" in the middle of Orion's Sword, just below the pronounced three stars that make up Orions Belt:


Capturing the nebula in all its glory requires a dark sky and good gear, but even from my 4th floor balcony in the heart of town, I can get a glimpse of the nebula's wonders - thanks to stacking (42 images stacked in Registax) plus colour and contrast enhancement in a digital imaging program (here PhtoImpact X3). Move the cursor over the image and click, and you will see what a vintage Tamron lens (Model 06B) and modest, modern technology may provide even under a severely light polluted city sky.






Copyright 2011 - Steen G. Bruun