Actually, I was just browsing the internet in search for a substitute Li-ion battery for my old digital camera. Found something about battery explosions and a link to YouTube. Browsed a bit further - and suddenly, there it was: A micro electric rc helicopter hanging and moving freely in the air. I was lost: Just had to have such a thing (luckily I have a small grandson as excuse for the purchase). I first had a few attempts with two cheap 2-channel warehouse models. This ought to have discouraged me as they couldn't maneuver at all, but they could TAKE OFF FROM THE GROUND at my command and I continued to be hooked.

After wearing out a Dynam co-axial Bell 47 while learning to fly during winter in the hostile (: turbulent) environment of a small cellar room with concrete walls, I got the little Esky Lama V4 that you see on the cover page. I still have it and I still enjoy flying it, studying it and shooting videos of it right in front of my own nose. (NEVER try that with anything bigger !!!). You will find a bit more about miniature cameras and video recordings of and from micro helicopters on the following page.