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It all started when I was 11 years old and bought a second-hand  Dacora Super Dignette from Walter's Studio and Camera Store. Walter took the time and effort to take me through all my first rolls of film, picture-by-picture, explaining to me what was good and what was not so good - both in composition and in exposure. I still have those precious black and white negatives from then. A few years later followed a used Porst Reflex S (:Topcon Wink Mirror S) SLR which followed me throughout high school and then died rather suddenly at the time I went to university. Money was low so, no camera for the next many years....

Fifteen years later, I had a second start when I fulfilled another dream and purchased a Vixen Polaris R-100L 4" astronomical telescope. I just had to try some astrophotography also and thus followed a Pentax K1000 and a Tamron catadioptric tele lens. I loved those three gadgets (still have them after 25 years) and swore, I should never have anything automatic. I wanted to be the one who took the pictures - not the camera! But about 10 years later, I had surgery for cataract on both eyes and for years both before and after, I couldn't focus a thing.

So, the third start came when, driven by the bitter needs, I asked for and got an automatic 1.3 megapixel (Olympus C-900 Zoom) digital camera as a birthday present --- and thereby discovered the world of digital dark room possibilities and the fascination by simple image processing. And this then, is what these pages are to be about......





Pentax K1000



Tamron SP 350mm / 20 mm

2x teleconverter

Macca Wireless TV Camera



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