Tamron Adaptall & Adaptall-2 System Overviews


Overviev: Tamron Adaptall-2 Lenses


Overviev: Tamron Adaptall-2 System


Fragmentary Overview: Tamron Adaptall and Adaptall-2 Custom Mounts


General Brochure: Tamron Lens Catalogue (1985)


Tamron Adaptall System - Manuals


Manual: tamron adaptall Automatic Custom Mount


Manual: tamron adaptall Custom Mount


Manual: Tamron adaptall Interchangeable Cutom Mounts Instructions


Tamron Adaptall-2 System - Manuals


Manual: Tamron Adaptal-2 system Custom Mount - Owner's Manual


Adapted Manual: Tamron Adaptall-2 system Custom Mount for Pentax A


Manual: Tamron SP Flat-Field 2X Tele-Converter Model 01F - Owner's Manual


Instruction Leaflet: Tamron Wide Field Tele-View Adapter (Model 02F)


Manual: Tamron Model 01B and Model 02B - Owner's Manual (1980)


Manual: Tamron SP Model 06B and Model 55B - Owner's Manual (1982)


Tamron Adaptall-2 System - Individual Product Brochures


Brochure: Tamron SP 35-80mm f/2.8-3.8 Model 01A


Brochure: Tamron SP 350mm f/5.6 Model 06B


Brochure: Tamron 300mm f/5.6 Model 54B

  Brochure: Tamron SP Series LD Lenses


Pentax - Manuals


Manual: Pentax Mount Adapter K - Operating Manual


Catalogue: smc Pentax(A and M) Lenses and Accessoriesl (1986)

  Manual: Pentax Rear Converter A Operating Manual (1990)

Manual: smc Pentax-FA Interchangeable Lens Operating Manual (2002)

  Manual: smc Pentax-FA Interchangeable Lens Operating Manual (2012)

Manual: smc Pentax-DA Interchangeable Lens Operating Manual (2008)

Manual: Pentax-GPS Unit O-GPS1 (2011)

Manual: Pentax Adapter Q for K-mount Lens (2013)

Compiled Documentation: Pentax FluCard O-FC1 (2014)




Datasheet: Thousand Oaks R-G Solar Film - Safety and Technical Information