First Impressions (barely): Tamron SP 300mm f/5.6 Model 54B (Adaptall-2 System)

( 2010-12-02)

In November 2010 I got my Tamron 54B from e-Bay. An acquisition that I had contemplated for quite some time.

Cons: I already had my SP 350mm Model 06B and my 200mm f/3.5 Model 04B; two fine pieces of glass, both of which I am very fond of. So why another telephoto lens no faster than either and with only 50mm less focal length than the 06B? Besides, the 54B is a rather long beast, not so compact and easily transportable as is the 06B and 54B in a small shoulder bag - which happens to be my favourite for a stroll with camera + two lenses.

Pros: As time passed after I ventured into DSLR photography, my desire grew for something "long" (i.e.: longer than 200mm) for a bit of "action shooting" in nature. As discussed in my review on the 06B, it takes quite some "work" and thus, precious seconds, to focus my 06B accurately - it just isn't quick enough (for me) to handle in most situations of "action" shooting (birds, insects....). Also the versatility in the possible use (with my Pentax cameras) of all shootings modes (Auto, P, Sv, Tv, Av, M) seemed attractive. And the lightweight of the 54B should still make handheld photography (in particular with Pentax in-camera shake reduction) feasible in better lightning situations.

So, I have been bidding and bidding (no more than 60 GBP, I promised myself)  ----- and loosing  until I made a last-minute automatic bid up to GBP 75 and won the auction with 2 GBP over the competition. That may be a little more that it is actually worth performance wise, but unfortunately there seems to gave gone a bit of "collectoritis" in this lens recently so, it may be that it was now or never........???

Anyway, I now got it in the midst of dark winter, and now it is a wait for brighter days to come!

Being fairly slow (f/5.6) this is essentially what I consider a "for-good-wether-lens" so, full testing and review must await spring in order to do the lens reasonable justice.

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