The beginning

Here are some of my very first pictures. The pictures to the left are the "original" negatives, only rotated, cropped and inverted. Do they look rather hazy and low in contrast? They should ! Because that is the nature and one of the benefits of black and white negative panchromatic film: They are high definition / have a high dynamic range and are rich in detail both in high- and low light parts at the same time. Had they looked more contrast - like the prints from the family album - chances are that there is something wrong with your camera settings. The digital camera should reproduce as faithfully as possible the levels of the original analogue film.

In the wet darkroom the photographer made the final appearance through choice of the photographic paper and the way that paper was exposed and developed. In the digital darkroom we do something similar and in both cases, a multitude of different effects can be achieved. There is no single "truth" as to what the right picture is/should be.

The pictures to the right have been modestly enhanced, merely by using the AUTO-LEVEL function in PhotoImpact 12.


The Garden of my Childhood.

This is the garden of my childhood, photographed when I was 11 and 12 years old with my very first camera, a Dacora Super Dignette on Agfa Isopan F - no, I didn't take notes when I was 11 but I can read the film brand name and type on the negatives. Original negatives have been converted by means of my Olympus C50 Zoom with an old 135 mm tele lens as a macro front lens.

Today, this and the neighbouring gardens have been turned into a desolate, un-enchanting parking lot and the huge lumber yard in the back and to the right has been demolished to give space for new apartment blocks.




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