MF Lenses

(presented  from bottom right to left and up in order of purchase)

    Tamron SP80-200 F/2.8LD Model 30A (Adaptall-2 system)
    I recently got hold of the great Tamron SP80-200mm f/2.8LD Model 30A - great at least as far as size and weight are concerned. But what about Image Quality? Well, these are just the very first images - mostly taken hand held- but I think this is quite promising.......

SMC PENTAX-M 100mm f/2.8


Tamron SP 300mm f/5.6 Model 54B (Adaptall-2 system)

Having just taken the "usual test tour" (down to the church, past the water mill, through the grove, round the lake and home via central town) to try out this new acquisition. I am happy to report that this little, compact thing is a true performer!


I bought the Tamron SP 300 mm f/5.6 Model 54B in November 2010 - not because it is faster or optically better than my 350 mm Model 06B but because it can be stopped down and because it should be easier to focus. The dark days of northern winter wasn't the best for trying out this lens but after 6 months of use I can confirm that this lens does work as it was reportedly optimized for: A close(r) range tele (-macro) lens. And, indeed, it has other uses too....


Tamron 24mm f/2.5 Model 01B (Adaptall-2 system)


Tamron 200mm f/3.5 Model 04B (Adaptall-2 system) 

The Tamron 24mm f/2.5 Model 01B should be reasonably fast (f/2.5) but is it sharp wide open? Let's take a walk around dusk on a grey, late  October afternoon to find out.


A scattered sample of pictures taken with the somewhat neglected Tamron 200 mm f/3.5 Model 04B. Upon looking over these images, I think I shall force myself to use it some more......


Tamron SP 35-80 mm f/2.8-3.8 Model 01A (Adaptall-2 system)


Tamron SP 350mm f/5.6 Model 06B (Adaptall-2 system)

Sharpness and flat-field performance of the Tamron SP 35-80 mm f/2.8-3.8 Model 01A is excellent, even with a telecoverter, and resolution is, I think, second to none for its class. Manual focus and focus confirmation with a DSLR is a breeze. An ideal lens for handheld close-up and macrophotography. And it has other uses too......


Some pictures of, about and first of all with my vintage (1982) Tamron SP 350 mm f/5.6 Model 06B catadioptric (mirror) tele lens with and without the Tamron 01F flatfield teleconverter.




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