Sunset Sky


The Flowers and the Bees

The setting sun, the sky and the clouds - there are endless variations of shape, colour and brightness coming, asking to be captured


Capturing bees working their way through my garden flowers is a bit like photographing children: It requires quite some patience - and some luck too


After the Rains

  Once upon a Wintertime 

Make it a habit to look up and around after rain. There will often be a rainbow, and rainbows usually record quite well with a digital camera. As with sunsets and clouds, they are all alike - yet never the same.

  December 2009 through February 2010 and November 2010: Here, where I live, we usually have to travel south to see the sun in the summer time and to go north (or south) in the winter time to find the snow and ice. But once in a while, things become a bit different....



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